Life Update: 2018 Recap

Ok, so it’s been a HOT MINUTE since the Aisles + Ivy blog has been updated. And by a hot minute, over a year. Ouch.

A lot has happened and changed since the blog has been shown some love. Let me recap for you:

February 3, 2018 - I broke 3 ribs in Colorado when I was hit from behind by an oncoming snowboarder.

IMG_9129 (1).jpg

March 27, 2018 - Cody and I found out I was pregnant. You could say I was a little in shock since I had hardly been able to move and on bed rest for the past 6 weeks from my injury on the slopes!


9 months of pregnancy left me with little (and by little, I mean ZERO energy) The fatigue was so real. I felt like I had climbed Mt. Everest or participated in a decathalon every day. There was no motivation to do anything other than rest it seemed. So the business went on the back burner.

About Me-3.jpg

August 2018 - The biggest change around here that I have felt needed explaining for some time, but wasn’t sure when was a good time or how to approach it, is the new branding of Aisles and Ivy. Some of you may know, Aisles and Ivy was created by myself and my friend/business partner Mike. Mike and I were once a photography duo, but he fell in love with video and has become so talented with this new craft! We felt it made the best sense if he created his own videography brand where he could express creative freedom and flourish, while I stuck with Aisles and Ivy. We finished out our 2018 contracts and wanted to avoid any confusion by publicly announcing the redistribution of ownership in the brand. It didn’t seem necessary. But some people have asked, so this is me explaining. Mike and I still work together on weddings! Almost all couples also want video - which is where Mike comes in.

A difficult transition from this was changing the editing style slightly. Since becoming the sole operator here, editing style has changed slightly to become a hybrid of clean and vibrant, but also still contrasted, grainy with a little mood. The transition to the new style has come with its own challenges, confusion with prospective clients who were accustomed to a different style for the brand, having to re-edit past weddings to reflect the changes and running the new style by current clients as I edit their weddings the new way from then on out. Hopefully, the confusion for the most part has since died out and the brand has stabilized and returned to a sense of normalcy.

November 16, 2018 - I gave birth to my beautiful, tiny baby girl 3 weeks early!

kaylas birth_web-27.jpg
kaylas birth_web-86.jpg
kaylas birth_web-99.jpg

So, I guess you could say its been quite a year of transition and navigating two new worlds: Motherhood and Business Owner.

2018 had me juggling A LOT, and sometimes it felt impossible to keep this business alive from healing ribs, getting pregnant, transitioning the brand and then giving birth and learning to be a mom to a newborn…but guess what? I FREAKING DID IT.

2019 YOU WILL BE MY YEAR. If I can go through all that, and keep this business of mine running then I have full confidence that with added focus, drive and determination, great things will come this year.

So thank you to those keeping this dream of mine alive and supporting my small little business. I cant wait to see where this next year takes me.