Pricing Overview

So, yeah. We heard you like wedding packages. Groovy. We like building them. Since we aren't cookie-cutter photographers, we don't have those one-size-fits-all setups. If you reach out to us, we can make a package that is 100% your flavor with no extra fluff. Just throw us a few details on the when, where, and how so that we can price it out for you. Believe it or not, all of that matters. A private estate wedding in downtown Orlando on a Friday in July is very different than a ballroom style wedding in Chicago on a Saturday in October. We can do both and everything in between as long as you love candid photos and romantic vibes.  Pricing for a Central Florida wedding starts at $3,000 for Mike or Bailey or $2000 for a wedding shot by one of our rock star associate photographers. We travel often as well so bring on those out-of-state adventures. Video starts at $2500 or we have combo packages available for photo + video. Out of state weddings start at $5,000.  If you love our work and feel it really speaks to you, the next step is to say "hello" .  Everyone is different so just chat us up and let's see what kind of magic we can make.