Beyond The Wedding

Our services extend far beyond your wedding day. Our greatest joy comes from following you along your love story even after the big day has passed and getting to see where your love takes you. Other photography services we offer are lifestyle collections for growing families such as Maternity sessions, Birth Stories and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions. 



Elegantly capturing the beauty of pregnancy is so important to us. As an expectant mother herself, Bailey understands how much value this transitional period in your life holds to you and why documenting it is so essential. As a father of two, Mike also appreciates these sacred time for both Mom and Dad. It is our hope to create magical portraits perfectly illustrating this time in your life. 


  • 1 hour Outdoor or In-Home session within the Central FL area with either Mike or Bailey.
  • 1 Photographer 
  • 40-50 Edited High res + Web Res Images in an Online Gallery with Print Release

Birth Stories

Your child's birth is a sacred and powerful moment that only happens once. There are so many emotions experienced while bringing a baby into the world. We offer both birth photography and birth videography stories to capture the beauty of your childbirth. 

Videography - $1,500 - Mike

  • 2-3 hour coverage of moments directly following labor
  • 3-5 minute edited cinematic narrative of your 1st day with your newest addition
  • Raw video files. 

Photography - $650 - Bailey

  • On call for the week of your estimated due date
  • Document the labor process tucked away to ensure complete intimacy and privacy while still managing to capture all the emotion, struggle and relief as you see your baby for the first time. 
  • Family photos following delivery.  


Newborns are tiny for just so long. Before you know it, a blink of an eye, and they are babies, toddlers, children and then adults. Those tiny nails, little toes and sweet puckered lips will grow  without giving you a second chance to relive those details. Capturing the tiny newness of your baby in the few days - couple weeks of life is one that makes our heart feel so full. 


  • 1-3 hour in-home newborn session covered by Mike or Bailey
  • Includes swaddles, tie-back headbands and other delicate props 
  • Documentary style - includes shots of just baby and full family 
  • 70-80 Edited High Res + Web Res Images in an Online Gallery with Print Release