FB LIVE WEDNESDAY: Printing Your Photos

Ok so today I went all LIVE ACTION NEWS 8 on the interwebs and it was really fun.

*TRANSLATION: I went on Facebook Live.* You will get used to the weird language soon, if you can't see past it, I'm sorry. 

If you haven't already seen the post, I will warn you, I am a face maker, so dont be alarmed by the beautiful expressions I bless the interwebs with during a video. Photos below for reference.

FB Live 1
FB Live 2

BESIDES THE POINT! The real point is, I never realized there's a real need for photographers to provide their clients with the option to purchase prints. Sure, we say we offer them, and we do. But theres a need to be educated on what you can do with your images. 

After getting married a month ago, I ordered prints of my photos at a professional print lab. Yeah, I went crazy and blew up those bad boys to 16x20" framed pieces of art. Because thats what they are. ART. I value photos like crazy, and if you are hiring a professional photographer, chances are you do, too. 

But 90% of the time, our clients arent ordering prints. Their photos are living a lonely, unfulfilled life on cloud storage or, even worse, on Facebook (ick! Poor high resolution photos stand no chance to the awful compression and pixelation of social media. RIP)

Recently I have found its not because these people hate prints....no, they'd love to have them hung around their house or as a heirloom photo album, it's just they dont know how. 

Silly me, I just assumed everyone knew what to do with their photos. What a terrible assumption. As a professional photographer, we have access to professional print labs for printing the highest quality photos. Say bye bye to Walgreens and Walmart, because nothing compares to the glossy goodness and colors of a professionally printed photo.

So, with that said, Mike and I have expanded our business to better serve you. We will now start offering custom print packages and design consultations to make sure you get the most out of your photography investment. 


- Bay