We're not normal. And that's the point. 



Mike Rawls

grilled cheese specialist/ lead photographer / co-founder

Known as the Simon Cowell of Wedding Photography, you can find Mike sporting his beloved black v-neck and rocking an English accent (the accent comes out during shooting we really don't know why). He thrives on coffee and believes it tastes better out of his oversized Darth Vader mug. He's also that person who thinks M&M's taste different from color to color which is why he always picks out the yellows. Like a true American, pizza is his favorite food. He even has one tattooed on him!!! Ok, that was a joke. But his love for pizza is not. He's very serious about his love for the pizza pies. 

Bailey Vandegrift

professional amateur sunglass model / lead photographer / co-founder

Coming in at 5 feet 3 inches tall and the face of high school freshman, what she lacks in appearing like an actual real life adult, Bailey makes up for in personality and the ability to sweet talk us out of potentially anything. 

Bailey is passionate about dogs, ice-cream and performing mediocre dance moves for anyone willing to watch. Her people-pleasing character combined with her love for sarcasm brings out the best in Mike, who also thrives on some good sarcasm (and also in-depth real-talk discussions about the universe). 


About Our Work 

Our work is organic and GMO free. ;) OK. We kid, we kid. Sort of. What we mean is that we aren't the posey-posey photographers that try to infuse unnatural elements into your day.

We are photojournalists with a background in fashion commercial photography. We love dreamy, epic settings and finding the raw emotion in the day.

Photography is special because it requires a relationship between the photographer and the subject. The better the relationship, the better the photos. We listen to you and try to understand what is important to you, while also making the whole experience laid back and fun. 

We don't take control of your day and force you to do anything. We experience the day with you as a friend and an ally documenting everything that happens along the way.

We love weddings more than any other type of photography and we hope you do too.