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Hi, I'm Bailey

Owner + Lead Photog here at Aisles & Ivy





Let's be clear, I never saw myself ending up as a Wedding Photographer. My background is in advertising and somehow, through one way or another, it led me here. I was surprised at how much I loved the thrill of the day. The adrenaline that pumps through you as you photograph the most special day for 2 people is something I quickly came to crave. There's nothing more special than documenting a day a bride carefully orchestrated every detail for, where family + friends traveled from all over to be at and the main focus was to celebrate love instead of work deadlines and status updates.

I am a hardcore hopeless romantic. I believe in the power of love and getting to tangibly translate that love through photography is the highest honor for me. Capturing memories you will treasure forever fulfills me in a way that no other job ever could.  

Thank you for being here and congratulations on your engagement! I am eager to not only work beside you on your wedding day, but become a friend even after that day has passed. I am a wife, a soon-to-be mama and hopefully your future photographer.

About My Work 

Aisles + Ivy's work is organic and GMO free. ;) OK. I kid, I kid. Sort of. What I mean is that I'm not really the posey-posey photographer that tries to infuse unnatural elements into your day.

My approach is photojournalistic + candid. What I love? Dreamy, epic settings and finding the raw emotion in the day with couples who are madly, deeply and insanely in love!

Photography is special because it requires a relationship between the photographer and the subject. The better the relationship, the better the photos. My job is more than just taking photos, it's listening to you and understanding what is important to you, while also making the whole experience laid back and fun. 

The objective is not to micro manage or take control of your day and force you to do anything. I want to experience the day with you as a friend, documenting everything that happens along the way.

I love people. I love documenting their joy. And creating photos that they can look back on and feel the joy from that day all over again. 

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